Can CBD Help with Arm Pump?

Arm Pump Cure? | Seropian CBD | UK's Trusted Source of Lab Verified CBD Oil

We can't say for sure if CBD does infact help with arm pump, however, what we can say is that we have received positive feedback from both MX and Short Circuit Racers who by using CBD have significantly reduced the severity of their arm pump to a tolerable level that allows them to continue their efforts on track.

We put this down to the anti inflammatory properties of CBD and also the combined properties of CBD and Terpenes within our Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Rub, assisting with blood flow and muscle recovery.

You can mitigate arm pump by keeping your blood flowing regularly. Be forewarned that riding your motorcycle once every two weeks and being sedentary between rides invites arm pump. Motorbike racing is a physically demanding sport that uses many muscles and revs your heart rate. Inactivity for weeks and then jumping on your bike is a shock to the body. The solution is to stay active; ride your mountain bike, go swimming or workout in the gym when you’re not riding.

Equally, As bad as the sedentary lifestyle is, an overactive one can be just as detrimental. Riding and training every day doesn’t always allow enough time for the body to recover. Arm pump can be a byproduct of over-training. When you exercise, your body produces toxins that can get trapped in the arms. The best known of these toxins is lactic acid. It builds up in the muscles to create a burning sensation. If you fail to take the necessary time off to let your body flush itself, you could suffer the effects of arm pump. Listen to your body - We recommend using our Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Rub pre and post workout. This also applies to pre and post race, gently massage the rub into your forearms to activate and encourage blood flow.




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