CBD Strength vs Volume - Look Out For Misleading Labels

CBD Oil False Advertising

When buying CBD products, it's important to understand what you're about to purchase. Due to the unregulated natured of CBD products, it's quite easy for brands to mislead their customers when it comes to the content within their bottles, surprisingly, this is not uncommon and even high end brands stocked in premium stores come with this issue. 

We have put together a simple guide to help you understand CBD strengths and how that relates in terms of volume. 

In the UK, most CBD products are supplied in a 10ml bottle. A typical starting point being a 500mg strength product. This 10ml bottle, if labelled correctly should contain 500mg of CBD and approximately 200-250 drops, equating to roughly 2-2.5mg per drop - Simple right?

However, some brands are supplying 30ml bottles containing 500mg - At a glance, it looks great value for money with 3x the volume at less than double the price, in fact, this is often a marketing ploy as nothing is gained. As with the above calculation, a 30ml dropper bottle with 500mg strength only contains 166.66mg per 10ml so in fact you need to consume 3x more of the product resulting in a product which we feel is falsely advertised. 

For a 30ml bottle to deliver the same dose per drop as a 10ml, the strength also needs to be 3x higher - e.g. 500mg /10ml is equal to 1500mg/30ml. 

Some brands market their products correctly however, but be sure to check before you buy, these larger volume products should indicate their strength ratio, i.e. 1500mg / 30ml (500mg CBD).

Here is our simple guide for a 10ml / 30ml comparison to assist you when purchasing larger volume CBD Oil's - To ensure you are getting true value for money, the mg per serving needs to be the same.

CBD Strength Guide - Seropian CBD

* Based on 25 drops per dropper.

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