Can I use CBD in Controlled Sports?

CBD for Sports Injury and Recovery

The use of CBD amongst professional athletes is on the rise, with the awareness of CBD growing at a rapid rate, it's difficult to turn a blind eye to the potential benefits these products can have on not just everyday life, but to your career or hobby too.

The World Anti Doping Agency has an official exemption in place for Cannabidiol in its pure form, meaning it is totally usable for professional athletes that are subject to regular drug testing providing Zero THC products are used:

US - Click here for the official USA Anti Doping Information.
UK - Click here for the official UK Anti Doping Information.

Our Seropian Premium Isolate products are all created with athletes in mind, using advanced supercritical CO2 extraction methods, we refine our Cannabidiol to its purest form producing a Pure ~99.5% Isolate product containing only CBD meaning Zero THC is present. All of our products are independently tested to ensure their integrity, safety and quality.

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