Seropian CBD Passport - Travelling with CBD

Although perfectly legal in the UK, Europe and most of the US for consumption, travelling in possession of CBD products is still a major source of anxiety for many people due to its association with cannabis. Add into the mix the concept of travelling through border control with CBD products, and you can quickly understand why so many people are asking, ‘Am I safe to travel with CBD?’

Whilst CBD is widely accepted worldwide, several destinations have restrictions in place. We would always advise contacting your airline for up-to-date information just to be on the safe side, particularly if your flight is not direct and stops at a location that CBD may not be legal.

It is also advised to travel with an unopened, sealed bottle in its original packaging to demonstration that the product is uncompromised / un-tampered with alongside a clear ingredients list.

Seropian CBD Passport - Travelling with CBD

Innovation is what drives us here at Seropian. Our commitment is to raise the bar when it comes to CBD and customer experience and with that in mind we'd like to introduce you to our CBD Passport!

To the best of our knowledge, we're the first CBD company in the world to produce a passport sized travel guide - You saw it here first folks!

Our 6 page CBD Passport is shipped with every order and contains useful travel information alongside directions for use, our CBD dosage guide, Seropian product THC content and a CBD log to track your products and make any useful notes.

Lab test certificates are available upon request, please email us at and provide us with the batch ref which can be found on the product label.

The perfect companion for your favourite CBD products.

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